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October 5, 2018

Google Ads Battling Fraud Through Call Recording

You may have gotten the below email from google if your Google Ads account uses call extensions or call-only ads.

Consumers still face a number of challenges when it comes to connecting with businesses over the phone. Fraud is a growing issue, along with bad experiences like missed calls and long wait times. At Google, we are committed to making the web a better place by continuing to fight bad ads, sites and scammers. We are now bringing this mission to calls by working on new ways to combat fraud and other poor user experiences.

In order to evaluate and improve call quality, if you opt in, we will begin recording a limited sample of your calls from call ads in the United States. This will begin on November 15th. If you do not opt in or choose to decline, your calls will not be recorded, but you will be unable to create new or edit existing call extensions and call-only ads.

Calls will be recorded in a secure and privacy-safe way, and all analysis will be aggregated and anonymized so that no information is associated with users at an individual level. Recordings will not be used for ad targeting purposes. They will only be evaluated for quality purposes and to ensure they comply with ads policies that protect users from misleading, inappropriate, or harmful content. Users will hear a short message at the start of a call to ensure they're aware it may be monitored or recorded by Google for quality assurance. Learn more.

What does this mean for me as a property manager?

As a Google Partner we abide by all of Google's recommended standards. We will update each Google Ads account that we manage to allow for call recording. Google will only record calls directly from your Ads, not from your website. If you so choose to not allow google to record calls for quality purposes please contact

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