Great Start to a New Year!

Kristen Ewen

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February 15, 2017

What a great start to the new year! We are happy to announce that we have launched over 30 websites and 20 other custom projects already this year! Our busy season is in full swing and we are staffing up to meet the demand. 

With every new project we uncover new opportunities to help advance the technology and web presence for the property management industry as a whole. Our new Advanced Marketing Platform is seeing significant increases in conversion rates on website landing pages and allowing our customers to track and record all phone call leads. The feedback has been great on this product so far! Advanced Marketing Platform

One of the biggest concerns customers come to us with is website security. We are happy to say that we have helped dozens of hacked sites get back to good standing with google. Most of these sites are coming from wordpress platforms with various plugins. The scariest part for them is how this happened. Turns out that the maleware on these hacked wordpress sites, in our experience,  is coming from free plugins that they were using to help advance their websites, specifically analytics plugins. We can ensure much better security and overall web performance because we hand code every bit of our websites. All technology used on our sites is built in-house or provided from legitimate vendors. If you are having these same types of security warnings or hacking issues on your wordpress sites it might be time to rebuild. 

Congratulations Key Home Management on your new website! To see all of the recent website launches please go to Our Portfolio.  

About the Author

Kristen Ewen

Kristen Ewen

Kristen brings a balance of industry knowledge and website development in project management to PMW. She has been designing and developing websites since 2001 and began focusing on the property management industry in 2009.

Kristen's passion is detail in customer experience. She said, 'We like to make your website feel like you are walking into your office'. She has two beautiful children, Emily and Eliza.