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David Borden

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May 15, 2018

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Hi, I'm Dave Borden, with PMW. Today's topic is great technology equals great marketing. Yesterday, I heard about a conversation that one of my business partners had with one of our customers. And the gist of the conversation was that PMW is known as a tech-savvy, technology first product, with a great team that has great customer service, but we're not really known as a marketer. Now, that was a little bit disconcerting as a leader of the business, but it's also just not true. I'm here to tell you that great tech equals great marketing.

Years ago, when we first came back NARPM, we brought many basic things to the industry for websites. Most of the searches that were being found out there when someone would type in a search term for a property manager, people would find mobile home parks, office buildings, LLCs, other completely irrelevant results. Now, most property management searches show property managers, and overwhelmingly, they show our customers. So when people are searching for property management companies on the internet now, most of the time they're finding our customers.

We brought very simple things to the industry eight, 10 years ago like correct meta tagging, URL construction. Naming your URL a search term, rather than owners. We taught you how to tag your images. We taught you how to set up your home page as a traffic cop that got the right customer to the right portion of the business, where they would spend the most time and your stats would be the highest. We taught you how to build landing pages for specific markets, not only the big markets, but the smaller markets. We taught you where to put the lead form so that more people would contact you. We showed you where to put phone numbers so that more people would call you.

We even took our listing page, which wasn't really a big problem and still isn't a big problem, and we've set it up in a way that it would maximize the usage data and time on your website instead of ours, like many of our competitors do. We're always thinking of our customers first. Our websites load extremely fast. Good tech is part of the Google search algorithm for being found in search. All of our websites have a humans first and search second approach, and anywhere that those can cross over, we take full advantage of it.

In 2014, Google wanted every single site to be mobile. So instead of complaining about it, we contact every one of our customers, and we told them that mobile was coming down the pipe. And when they started looking more heavily into mobile search, our customers were ready. Now, Google Mobile First is coming down the road, and anybody that's built a PMW site in the last three years is good to go. Google is going to start taking a much heavier approach to sites that are more optimized for mobile because most of their searches are coming in from mobile devices now. Our customers are good to go. They don't have to worry about that. Great technology equals great marketing.

At the PM Grow summit this year, Marcus Sheridan, the keynote speaker at one of our competitors conferences, said that one of our customers had the best website he had seen in any industry. The best website in any industry. Now, I'll take that as a great compliment that we know how to market.

If you ever hear any information that doesn't sound right about property management marketing, please feel free to ask us. We'll give you a straight answer every time. And if we don't know, we'll find out. Great technology is the key, the foundation, for great marketing.

If you have any questions, my name is Dave Borden. You can reach me at, or you can visit our website, Thanks, have a great day.

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David Borden

David Borden

With a resume that includes West Point graduate, Captain of the West Point Team Handball team (which, interestingly, is also referred to as “Borden Ball” around the world. Google it. We’re not sure which name came first, but we’re pretty sure Dave could tell you), US Army Chinook helicopter pilot and Co-founder, President & CEO of what is now the leading website in the country for advertising long term residential rentals, it stands to reason why Dave has a place at the PMW kitchen table: his appetite for success. And, well, because he keeps us laughing.

As our resident funny-man (possibly self-proclaimed), his booming voice can be heard spreading the PMW gospel to anyone who’ll listen. And, frankly, even those who have no interest in property management. (Don’t they teach “Inside Voice” at America’s oldest military academy?)

But his high-decibel, funny ways become awfully serious when it comes to staying one step ahead for the good of our customers; because Dave has been there. As a second-generation property manager from Colorado Springs, CO, he knows the struggles that property managers go through and painstakingly dissects every step of their process to come up with ways to ease their burden.

As former CEO & President of RentClicks (which went on to become, he strategically positioned their business to become NARPM’s first official partner and was awarded NARPM’s National Affiliate of the Year three times.

When he’s not devouring industry information at our kitchen table, you might find him bellying up to a plate of wings while watching his beloved (understatement) Broncos, flipping channels in search of a historical documentary, searching out a tennis match or preaching the ways of the world to his pre-teen sons, Andrew and Brady.