SEO for Property Managers - Part 11 Google +

David Borden - January 7, 2015

Create a great Google + page - As mentioned earlier, this SEO process is progressive. Now that the property management company has built a great website, it is time to setup the company Google+ profile. While this is an off-site effort, it is the single greatest way to get free business. ... Read More

SEO for Property Managers - Part 10 Build a Great Blog

David Borden - December 17, 2014

The Property Management Blog – The blog will be the focal point of all efforts that follow the website build. The blog shows all of the company’s latest news and content, and will serve as the destination for much of the inbound traffic and links from social media. Creating and using this ... Read More

SEO for Property Managers - Part 9 Build a Great Homes for Rent Page

David Borden - December 9, 2014

Property display/Homes for Rent Page – The purpose of the homes for rent section is to show the company’s current rental inventory in a professional and effective manner on the property management website. Most PM’s market their properties on multiple websites through data feeds. One ... Read More

SEO for Property Managers - Part 7 How to Build A Great Home Page

David Borden - November 25, 2014

How to build your property management website home page – The home page is the online representation of the brick and mortar business. The branding and design should exactly match the company’s off-line branding efforts. It should be a generic introduction to the products and services t ... Read More

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