SEO for Property Managers - Part 9 Build a Great Homes for Rent Page

David Borden - December 9, 2014

Property display/Homes for Rent Page – The purpose of the homes for rent section is to show the company’s current rental inventory in a professional and effective manner on the property management website. Most PM’s market their properties on multiple websites through data feeds. One ... Read More

SEO for Property Managers - Part 7 How to Build A Great Home Page

David Borden - November 25, 2014

How to build your property management website home page – The home page is the online representation of the brick and mortar business. The branding and design should exactly match the company’s off-line branding efforts. It should be a generic introduction to the products and services t ... Read More

SEO for Property Managers - Part 6 Build a Great Website

David Borden - November 18, 2014

ALL search efforts begin on the company website. A structurally sound website will amplify all of the search efforts discussed in this document. A bad website will reduce the effectiveness and increase the cost of all advertisement and search efforts. Hire a company familiar with property man ... Read More

SEO for Property Managers - Part 5 Picking a Great URL

David Borden - November 18, 2014

Picking a URL (Website Name). Many companies agonize over picking the appropriate website name. Others buy hundreds of URL’s and point them to their site in hopes of capturing search terms that are in contained in the URL. A large part of search algorithms still focus on the website URL, a ... Read More

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