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Google + Number 1 Factor for Search for Property Management Websites for 2014

Tip #1 "How to Grow a Property Management Business Through a Website"

Google+ is not a very popular social media website. The fact that it is so important for search is a pretty shady tactic by Google, but if you want to rank, you have to play by their rules. Google + shows up in virtually every property management search, and those that build great Google + pages are ranking better than their competitors. On mobile devices, Google + is even more powerful than on traditional devices. Google + is in effect the new phone book.

In addition to building a great page for your business, you have to get reviews. Google reviews can only be posted by those that also have a Google + account, so getting your older owners to sign up and give your company a review is going to be tough. On the other hand, your often angry and younger tenants will have no problem signing up for Google + to write a bad review. Try getting every person you know that will give you a 5 star review to review your business. Property managers get pretty beat up online by tenants, so you will need your owners and vendors to help you balance out your reviews. Make it easy for them and ASK for the review.

Make sure that you post all of your blog and video content on your Google + page as well as your other social medias, and link it back to your post or the appropriate page on your property management website. We also recommend that you get a professional to set it up for you if you don’t know what you are doing.

It sounds difficult, but SEO is actually getting easier. The hardest part is creating great ORIGINAL content that humans love on your website. Sharing it on your social media is getting easier…

Estimated Search Impact of Google +: 35%

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