SEO for Property Managers Part 15 of 15 - Video

David Borden - March 3, 2015

This is the final video in the series and discusses the use of video in a property management business and on a property management website. Effective use of video will increase algorithm scores for almost every category in search. Usage data goes up because more people interact with the site ... Read More

SEO for Property Managers - Part 14 Content Marketing

David Borden - February 19, 2015

Content Marketing – Content marketing is the final step in the progression. A successful content marketing strategy will improve the company property management website standing in almost every important element of search algorithms. Successfully creating and sharing interesting content ... Read More

SEO for Property Managers - Part 13 Basic Social Media

David Borden - February 3, 2015

Social Media for Property Managers– Social media signals are important tools for measuring the popularity of all companies. Google “+’s”, Facebook likes and shares, tweets, pins, Youtube video views, etc. all help the search engines to measure the popularity of companies in all industrie ... Read More

SEO for Property Managers Part 12 - Reputation Management

David Borden - January 20, 2015

Online reputation is tough to manage in every industry. Property managers are especially prone to receiving negative, and sometimes undeserved reviews. Prior to embarking on a time consuming and costly SEO campaign, property managers should conduct a thorough reputation review. Check Google ... Read More

SEO for Property Managers - Part 11 Google +

David Borden - January 7, 2015

Create a great Google + page - As mentioned earlier, this SEO process is progressive. Now that the property management company has built a great website, it is time to setup the company Google+ profile. While this is an off-site effort, it is the single greatest way to get free business. ... Read More

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