You down with APP?... See you in SD!!

Abi Wasserman

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October 16, 2018

Big things are happening for our customers at PMW! You may have seen a blog post similar to this just a few weeks ago... You down with APP?

What's happened since then?

Some of you jumped right on it! You emailed Abi, met with her, added the plugin to your site, and are reaping the amazing SEO benefits! ... While many of you have scheduled calls or are trying to schedule a meeting and are wondering - HOW is it possible for one person to be SO BUSY!!

Well, guess what?! We're letting Abi back out - and she'll be LIVE and available to answer any questions you have in Coronado!! Abi won't be alone - Anna, Mitch, and Dave will be joining her in Sunny San Diego!

We're excited to be putting our clients into new packages fit for more AUTOMATED marketing, one-on-one Business Development coaching, SEO Consulting, as well as other services like Google Ads, Reputation Management, and of course APP (...yeah you know me)!!

If you have any questions about how your current site is performing, what services you do or don't have, or just want to say hi... we want to see you! Come stop by the booth (Booth #1)!

If you're not going to be at the NARPM National Conference - don't worry - Abi's calendar is pretty full but she's not completely booked (YET...) - feel free to click here to grab a time to chat with her!

And if you're still wondering what all these "advanced services" even really mean for you... don't just take it from us - take it from someone who you can ask in San Diego!... Shawn 'Freakin' Johnson . :-)