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Are Bing Ads Right For My Property Management Company?

Are Bing Ads Right For My Property Management Company?

Microsoft Advertising (formerly known as Bing Ads - & we still call it Bing Ads) is a service that provides pay-per-click advertising on Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo & other search engines. With Bing Ads, we are able to show ads to users who are actively searching for your services at the exact moments they are searching. 

The concept behind Google Ads and Bing Ads is essentially the same. Both platforms are pay-per-click advertising platforms designed to help you achieve your marketing goals or to get quick conversions. Bing Ads look very similar to Google Ads. Check out the example below:

Blog Image
Blog Image

Why Use Bing Ads?

  • Lower Cost Per Click (CPC): While Google takes up the majority of the total search traffic market, Microsoft Ads does account for 37.2% of the total market share. With that being said, there are not as many users searching on Bing (and others within the Microsoft Search Network) as there are on Google. This also means there are not as many competitors advertising on these search networks. Competitors can greatly increase your overall CPC, so while there is low competition, your CPC can remain relatively low.
  • Lower Budget (sometimes): With a lower CPC, less monthly searches, and lower competition, we can expect your Microsoft Ads budget to be lower than it would be on Google. This is all dependent on the area you are targeting.
  • Higher-Value Audience: The demographics of users on the Microsoft Advertising Search network are older in age, more educated & often have a higher income than those searching on the Google Search Network.
  • Access to More Searchers: Access to searchers on Microsoft Bing, MSN, Yahoo!, AOL, DuckDuckGo, & many more! These search networks are not offered with Google Ads. 
  • Run Simultaneously With Google Ads: You can run Microsoft Ads at the same time you are running Google Ads. This will ensure your Ads are showing on each and every search engine possible & appear to users while they are actively searching for your services no matter where they are searching!

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Using Microsoft Ads over Google Ads may not reach as many users, but can be a great alternative if you have a smaller budget to work with each month. Users searching on Bing, Yahoo! and other Microsoft Search Engines could be your exact target audience where you will gain additional traffic to your site, additional phone calls, additional form submissions, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about how we manage your Microsoft Advertising Account here at PMW, & what your budget may be in comparison to Google Ads, please reach out to Samantha, Director of Paid Search, at

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