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Real Estate Websites

Build your company's online brand presence with a personalized real estate website, built fully mobile responsive and ADA compliant.

Setup Starting at $1795
Hosting Starting at $99/mo

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Setup: $1795


Jenni Utz, Utz Property Management

“When I had PMW update my Property Management site, I also had them update my Real Estate and Remodeling site. I now have 3 beautiful sites designed by PMW. They all have site specific content, but amazing synergys to tie them together! I am beyond happy with my sites, and would highly recommend them.”

Explore Page Add Ons

  • Custom Homepage: Starting at +$1500
  • Additional Custom Pages: Starting at +$795/page
  • Additional Non-Custom Pages: $99/page
Custom Real Estate Design Example

arrow Custom home page

IDX Integration

We are happy to integrate any third-party IDX solution of your choice to showcase your listings from the MLS - all you have to do is sign up and we do the rest!

IDX MLS Search Example IDX MLS Widget Example


Andrea Mayer, Smart Move Property Management

"Since becoming a customer, I have been nothing but blown away with their customer service. Someone responds to and addresses my issues faster than I would have ever expected. They are great and I love my new website.”

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