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Convert Leads with Online Chat & ChatBot

Send messages that are more personal, intuitive, and appealing than plain text. Instantly provide information to your site users by utilizing our ChatBot service.

  • $29/mo per LiveChat license
  • Starting at $110/mo for LiveChat + ChatBot Bundle

* $99 one-time setup fee for ChatBot

Connect With Clients to Close Leads and Offer World Class Customer Service

Live chatting will speed up your customer service and positively impact your sales. Use your online chat to assist your visitors exactly when they need it or utlize our ChatBot services to help answer common FAQs. This means more lead conversion through your website!

  • Never Miss A Chat

    Sound and visual notifications ensure that no chat or new message goes unnoticed. If you opt for one of our ChatBot packages, you can toggle your bot on or off to respond to inquiries when you're unavailable to chat.

  • Engage Customers

    Interact with specific visitors based on their profile and behavior, and send them personalized messages with relevant information. If you're utilizing the ChatBot, you can have your bot be the first point of contact to answer common questions with the option for the user to be redirected to a member of your team.

  • Work As A Team

    Your agents can work as a team & transfer chats when necessary. It’s handy when you come across cases that only a particular member of the team can handle.

  • More Flexibility

    Customers can leave messages anytime and you can reconnect when it’s convenient. This helps you build lasting connections with customers.

  • Share Anything

    Drag & drop files on chat. Screenshots, specials, brochures, or whatever makes supporting your customers easier. And customers can send files, too.

  • Chat History

    Your customers can pick up a chat where they last left off or reread a conversation anytime they need to, saving time for you and your clients.

Did you know that you can directly push your chat leads into your CRM?

Make the most of your chat leads by utilizing a workflow to continue following up with them in LeadSimple. Simply connect your LiveChat with LeadSimple's auto-import feature to automatically import them into LeadSimple.

Not using Lead Simple? Check it out here: Learn More

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Dan Stein, Silver River Property Management

"In two words, very satisfied. Since publishing my new site just a few months ago, I am already on the 1st page of Google with SEO. The site is also attractive and compelling so when potential customers actually click on the site they find relevant content that keeps them there.”

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