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How to Correctly Name Your Content

Tip #7 "How to Grow a Property Management Business Through a Website"

When I give this class to property managers I jokingly tell them that they should change their profession. What I mean is that property managers need to be more specific when telling potential customers what they do.  Many companies will tell people that they do "Property Management" or that they own a "Property Management Company."  While that may be true, and most humans can figure it out, it doesn't help a computer program called a search engine figure out which market a property manager operates in.

While some of you many want to be found for the search term "Property Manager," most of you do not.  If you manage property in Seattle, it would be much better to be found for the term Seattle Property Management. By tastefully integrating the term into your services page, (See Example below) you will tell the search engines that you manage property in that specific area, and they would be smart to send their visitors to your site where they can find some great content about the term they just typed in. Ultimately the search engines want to send their users to the sites with the best content, so they will keep using that search engine. If you provide great content to the visitor, they might even hire you to manage their Seattle property.  Or better yet, their property in an area where you manage.

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