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How to Turn a Property Management Website into an Asset

Atlanta, GA.

When it comes to property management companies, assets are few and far between. The only asset for most is their management accounts. Most companies that will acquire your business will not keep your staff, your building, etc. They just want to add your existing property management accounts to their systems that are already in place. I know this first hand because I have sold both of my parents' property management companies. The price tag for this asset is low because the number of properties diminishes over time. Unless you can find a way to replace them...

In this series we will show you how to turn your website into an asset. An asset is something that adds value while you own it, and will attract a higher purchase price when you go to sell it. If you have a website, but noone can find it, it's not an asset. If it doesn't bring your company traffic that converts to business, or make your business more efficient, it's not an asset. It is something that you have to maintain and pay for, but gives you nothing in return. That's called a liability.

To make your property management website an asset, it has to do the following:

1. Get found.

2. Convert your traffic into business in the form of new owners and tenants.

3. Make your business more efficient so you can manage more properties with fewer resources.

In this series of videos, we will show you how. Here is part 1/11:

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