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McCreary Realty - We're on a BEACH... with PMW!

Video Transcription:

Hi everybody, it's Michael McCreary here from McCreary Realty Management, and Bess Wozniak with McCreary Realty Management.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are father and daughter.

Yes we are, and we're multiple generations, I'm third generation in the family business….And I'm fourth yo!

All right. So shout out to PMW, and all of the fans out there. We love working with these guys Abi's a rock star. Dave Borden, man he brings it home every day. He brings the bacon! He makes it work. We love working with them. Mitch is absolutely the wizard! Mitch, love him, love him, love him! So the most important thing that you need to know is that does it really improve your business? And the absolute answer is yes. Without question! It brings leads to us, particularly owner leads. We're in a great landlord's market right now, so tenants we don't have to work so hard for. We will at some point and time, who knows when, but now we need landlords. We need owners. We need property owners. And having the landing page with the Free Rental Analysis tying everything together is wonderful. That RentRange report makes us look so professional. It really does a big deal.

And we just got on board, and we are down with APP!

What's APP?…Yeah, you know me!

So that is where our listings are actually integrated directly into our website so people are seeing our listings on our website spending more time on our website instead of being redirected to an outside link. So that's getting more time on our website, which is moving our website further up the folds on the first page of Google, so we're trying to get all the way up there to the number one spot in the Atlanta market!

Yes sir, I tell you what, it's nothing but new innovations all the time with PMW, and they don't take you to the bank at the same time! They’re very affordable, we love working with them, can't recommend them more highly enough, so thanks so much Abi.

And they're great people!

Yeah, they're fun to be with!

Love working with great people.

Look at this, look at where we are!

We're at the Hotel Del Coronado, and we're having dinner.

Even if we weren't in such a great location, we love being with these folks. But being in this great location and with Abi, and all the folks at PMW, just makes it that much the sweeter!

If you need Atlanta Property Management contact Michael or Bess at:

McCreary Realty Management, Inc., AMO

390 Roswell St NE #200, Marietta, GA 30060

(770) 427-5711

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