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SEO for Property Managers - Part 13 Basic Social Media

Social Media for Property Managers– Social media signals are important tools for measuring the popularity of all companies. Google “+’s”, Facebook likes and shares, tweets, pins, Youtube video views, etc. all help the search engines to measure the popularity of companies in all industries. A basic social media strategy for property managers should include building a branded company presence on the following social media outlets: Google +, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Make sure the branding on these sites exactly matches the branding of the company website, and any offline branding efforts. Building an audience and sharing company news and events, staff profiles, property information, and other company activities is a good start to using social media. Set a predictable and manageable schedule for posting content to the company’s social media accounts. Stick with the schedule or the plan will not work. Always include a link to the appropriate page on the company property management website (Like that one). As users and followers interact with, +, like, and share content, those signals create authority for the website. Once the company embarks on a content marketing strategy, share the content in the same manner with links to the content on the company blog.

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