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SEO for Property Managers - Part 9 Build a Great Homes for Rent Page

Property display/Homes for Rent Page – The purpose of the homes for rent section is to show the company’s current rental inventory in a professional and effective manner on the property management website. Most PM’s market their properties on multiple websites through data feeds. One of the best marketing methods is still a for rent yard sign. The for rent sign is going to reference the company website, and tenants need to be able to get property details while in the field looking at properties. Much of the traffic to this section will come from mobile phones when prospective tenants see a rental sign and want information on the rental. The property display should be searchable, have great pictures, give all of the vital information about each property, and be responsive. The display should make it easy for tenants to contact the company via phone or email for more info and to schedule showings. Many third parties like software companies provide website plugins to power rental listings. Make sure that the viewing experience takes place on the company website and not the software provider’s. This practice will cost the company valuable traffic and usage data.

To increase the content on the rental listings page, the PM can give some basic move-in info or qualification criteria. Make sure to place this info below the listings.

Meta Tagging for Properties for Rent Pages – While most rental leads come from a PM company’s advertising efforts on other websites, it is still possible for company property pages to get search engine rankings. The terms are competitive, but they are worth going after to get credit for the big boost in usage data if the company is able to attain first page rankings. The title tag should say “Orlando homes for rent, Orlando rental homes, Orland houses for rent | Company Name.” The meta description should contain one or two of the search terms in the text. Like the property management services, it is good practice to create multiple property landing pages for homes for rent.

It is much more difficult to rank for these search terms because big companies like Zillow, Trulia and optimize and spend millions of dollars to rank for these terms. It is worth optimizing because property managers have to build the pages anyway, and if the company can obtain rankings the traffic and usage data will be well worth the effort. Here is an example of a customer appearing in a Richmond homes for rent search on the front page after Zillow, but ahead of Trulia and Rentals:

search example

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