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Using Photos to Increase a Property Management Website's Relevance

Tip #10 "How to Grow a Property Management Business Through a Website"

A search engine is nothing more than a computer program. They (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) want you to think that they are sophisticated, human-like entities that know exactly what each user is looking for.  That might be true someday, but for now, they are just computer programs.  This means that you have to show the computer program what terms you want it to display your site for when one of their users conducts a search.  There are literally hundreds of items that these computer programs look at, and the more that your site does better than your competition, the higher you will appear on search.  Attention to detail is key...

This video is part of a class I teach to property managers at conventions to help them make their websites better.  There are a total of 10 tips, in order of importance, and this is number 10.  Optimize your photos.

A search engine knows that there is a picture, or pictures in your code.  Unlike a human, a computer program cannot tell what the picture is about.  Your website can tell the computer program what the picture is about through the use of tagging.  Most people will save their photos as something like, "12345.jpg" or "House12.gif"  While these might help you find your pictures in the directory, it doesn't tell a search engine what the picture is about.  If you are looking to get found for property management search terms, we highly recommend the following strategy:

1.  Save your picture as a file that is also a search term you would like to get found for like, "Denver-Property-Management.jpg" instead of, "Our-Office.jpg"

2.  Make your title tag a search term that you want to be found for like:  "Denver Property Managers"  See Above

3.  Make your alt tag a search term that you want to be found for like:  "Denver Property Management Company"  See Above

This seems obvious, but most sites do it wrong.  If you do it right, you just became more relevant than every other company that doesn't do it right!

Estimated search impact 2-3%

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