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Which comes first? The traffic or the rankings? Can Adwords help?

Which comes first? The traffic or the rankings? Can Adwords help?

Think of organic search rankings and traffic like the chicken vs the egg. You have to have one to get the other. Google needs you to have traffic on your site in order to understand what you should be ranking for but you can’t get traffic until you have rankings.

So what can you do?

Blogging and social sharing of those blog posts is always a great way to start. Its free and only takes up a little bit of your time. The more you do the more you will get out of it.

No time for blogging?

If you cannot find time to put together posts, share them and work on your social marketing them Adwords is probably the next best way. This allows you to pay google to put you at the top of search on page 1 and to get some traffic to your site. We at PMW feel that it helps with organic rankings as well because it gives google a much better understanding of the keywords you want to rank for and just how relevant your website pages are for those keywords.

Adwords for Property Managers

Can I hire any Adwords marketing company?

Sure, but please understand that Adwords for property managers works very different than Adwords for standard local businesses that sell products and services. You will want to focus locally but also country and world wide as not all of your owner/investors live in your geographic area. With that in mind we highly recommend finding a marketing company that deals specifically with the property management industry.

Can I hire Property Manager Websites to manage my Adwords?

Yes, we have an Adwords certified team that is dedicated to monitoring your campaigns on a daily basis, making sure you do not run out of money early and that you maximize your spending abilities. Also because we are also your website host we can add additional tracking codes and cookies as well as phone call tracking if that is a service you would like to use. We understand your website and how to direct the traffic to get you the most leads possible for you money. You will work one on one with someone from our team to create and customize your account and receive monthly reporting.

What if you are working with someone else in my market?

We work with you to create custom ads so that no two of our customers have the same exact ads. We can also help control spending by not allowing our other customers to price gouge the market. We do NOT share information between accounts, so please do not ask what your competitors are doing.

Property Management Website Traffic Rankings and SEO

I am already on page one do I still need Adwords?

That depends if you are happy with how many leads you are getting a month. Each position gets exponentially more leads than the one below it. So position one gets significantly more traffic than position two. What most people don’t realize is that the true positions 1-3 are actually ads. On mobile, the first ad takes up most of the screen (most of the time). You have to scroll to see the next two ads, then the map listings and rounding up last is the organic results. So if you are already number one, and you show up first in the map, you still have three positions ahead of you that are from Adwords. If you want to completely dominate your market then you need to be in that position as well.

I already have Adwords and I think its working but I am not sure how to tell.

Your budget, ads and spend need to be monitored daily. IF you are not monitoring your account and do not fully understand how to track your conversions, clicks, bounce rates, positioning, page scores and cpc then I can almost guarantee its not working properly. We are happy to take a look at your account and let you know.

If you are interested in learning more about having out team manage your Adwords account please contact

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