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Your Property Management Website Home Page Should be a Traffic Cop

Tip #5 "How to Grow a Property Management Business Through a Website"

Property management websites have at least 4 different types of personas that visit the site: Current Tenants, Potential Tenants, Current Owners, Potential Owners. Many property managers also do real estate sales, commercial management, and a myriad of other related business operations. It is impossible to effectively communicate to all of these different customers on the front page of your site. Instead, property managers should create call-outs or calls to action to all of their personas to drive them to the content that they are interested in. These call-outs act as a traffic cop for your website traffic.

In addition to creating a great user experience for all of your different personas, this practice also puts your conversion metrics on steroids. Conversion metrics are what happens when a visitor lands on your page, and are tracked heavily by search engines. If a visitor leaves in a few seconds, the search engin can assume that they did not find the content that they were looking for and your search engine rankings might suffer. If they click on one of your call outs to visit the content that they are interested in your bounce rate drops, time on site and page views go up, and the search engines love your conversion metrics and send more visitors your way.

Creating call outs also creates internal links to relevant content, another practice that search engines love. Search engines love to send their visitors to the most relevant content for their searches. If your site has great conversion metrics, search engines are happy. Here are some examples of sites with great calls to action:
Estimated search impact of home page traffic cop 3-5%
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