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A Front Page Blog on a Property Management Website is Key for SEO

Tip #2 "How to Grow a Property Management Business Through a Website"

In our experience with over 300 property management websites we see many tactics that our customers employ to help improve their search engine rankings. A front page blog is the second most effective factor that seems to boost search engine rankings for property managers.
There are a lot of items that go into creating a great blog, and I am not going to go into all of them here. Here are the three most important elements for effectively using your blog as a tool to improve your SEO.

1. Put a PORTION of your blog on the front page - Search engines visit your front page from time to time to see if there are changes or updates on the site. A front page blog shows the search engines that you are making changes, updating your site, and creating content. Show the first two or three sentences on your front page, and then link to the full article on your blog. Try to include a search term that you are looking to be found for in the first few sentences. Here is an example:

2. Post your content as consistently as possible - Many people complain that there is not a lot of time to do blogging, they do it whenever they get some time if at all. It is much better to post a consistent blog with fewer posts than to post more articles at irregular intervals. Find out how much content you have time to write and sit down and write as much as you can in one sitting. Take 3-4 hours on a Saturday and write 12 articles that you can use over the next year and post them on the same day of every month.

3. Create content that is compelling to your target customer. Creating content just to create content is a waste of everybody's time. The search engines are getting better at sniffing out content that is created for the sole purpose of increasing search engine rankings. Give good information to your readers/viewers and don't sell.

Consistently posting great content and putting it on your front page for humans and search engines to find should help you pass your competitors that do not.

Estimated search impact of front page blog: 20-25%
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