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Michael Krause shares why using PMW is so SMOOTH!

Video Transcription:

Hello. This is Mike Krause from Atrium Management Company from Orlando, Florida. I am the 2019 NARPM President for the Central Florida chapter, the largest chapter in America.

And we just recently had a new website designed by PMW. We had two websites done, our regular single family site as well as an additional multi-family site, and the process was super smooth, and it was very quick. Very hands-off. They did most of the heavy lifting, which was great, because we are super busy, super slammed in the summer here in Orlando, and it was nice that we didn't have to do a whole lot to get the site up and running. Provided some copy, we tweaked a few things here and there, we selected a template, the design and the look that we wanted, but for the most part, they took it and ran with it, and made it super easy for us. And now we have a beautiful site that we absolutely love that we can feel proud to send our owners and our clients to, and not feel that we're sending them to an inferior site, or an embarrassing site.

So thank you to the PMW team. You did an awesome job, and we would highly recommend using them for your site and for your company. So, thank you.

If you need Orlando Property Management contact Mike at:

Atrium Management Company

3256 W Lake Mary Blvd #1110, Lake Mary, FL 32746

(407) 585-2721

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