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Online Rental Applications Just Got Better

Product Enhancements:

We are proud to annouce that our online rental application is the first to allow an agent referral box, and the first to allow collection of a reservation/booking fee at the time of application.

Does your company have trouble tracking which agent gets paid for finding a tenant for a property? Now with E Rental Application from PMW, property management companies can track agents both inside and outside of the company. Simply enable the agent tracking button, and if desired a list of agents in your office. This feature will allow a type ahead selection box for your company's agents, and a box to identify outside agents as well. Get ready to save many more hours each month.

We have also added the ability to collect a reservation fee at the time of application. If your company policy requires a tenant to add a reservation or holding fee, they can now do it without making a separate payment. You asked us to add these features, and we listened.

Please call us if you need help utilizing these new features.

If you want to get started with our Rental Application, click here to find out more.


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