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Phone Call Tracking & Why You Need It

Phone Call Tracking & Why You Need It

Phone Call Leads are worth 5 to 10 times the revenue of website form leads

We are able to track all of your website form submissions through our AdWords and Analytics accounts. One source of leads for your business that is often overlooked is phone call conversions.

It is crucial to also track phone calls coming from your website organically, and phone calls coming from your website and ads through pay per click (AdWords).

What is call tracking?

  • Call tracking allows us to create a unique phone number for your marketing campaigns. This new unique number is forwarded to your main business phone number, so you are able to answer the call per usual.
  • You DO NOT need to change your original phone number on your other marketing materials, this phone number is only for us to track phone calls coming from your website, organic searches, and Pay-Per-Click (AdWords).
  • Call tracking allows us, as your website provider, to analyze which strategies are effective on our end

Benefits of Call Tracking For Your Business:

Evaluate Your Marketing Campaign -

We will start sending monthly reporting (both organic and ppc) with metrics about your form submissions & now your call leads.

Call Recording -

Our call tracking notifies the caller that "this call may be recorded for quality assurance" - being able to listen to your phone calls is very useful information. Whether you have a team or not, you are able to see if these phone calls actually turn in to customers, or whether your team is asking the right questions to close a lead.

You can better determine peak call hours -

Call tracking allows you to record exactly when a calls is made to your company. With this information, you can pin point exactly which days and which house of the day you receive the most phone calls. This can better help you schedule your work hours around these times.

Call tracking can help refine your SEO -

Call tracking can improve your organic search as well! You can use the call tracking to collect information regarding your pay per click and organic search marketing to see which keywords are generating calls. This can help us refine your SEO and focus on keywords that are working and attracting customers.

Allows you to compare your advertising channels -

With call tracking you will be able to track volume of calls, when and where the calls come from, length of calls, and conversion rate. With this information we are able to compare how your online marketing is doing in comparison to your newspaper advertising (or whichever other traditional advertising you are doing). We are also tracking first time callers versus return callers.

Benefits to us as your web provider and PPC manager -

We are able to see if AdWords (which keywords, ads, etc.), organic search pages, referral pages lead to a phone call conversion. We can use this data in our monthly reporting, and you are able to see exactly where your phone calls are coming from.

Usage Data for your organic SEO -

Google has more website usage data through call tracking. Google cannot see phone calls generated from your website unless we provide the conversion data. This is showing your site as more relevant for your search terms organically. Relevance is a KEY component of SEO and PPC.

Returning Missed Calls -

Our call tracking provides caller-ID when available so you are able to return missed phone calls and attempt to recapture the lead.

How Do I See My Phone Call Conversion Data?

If you are taking part in our Advanced Marketing Platform (AMP) or our Adwords Marketing product you will be provided access to your conversion data through the methods listed below. If you are not a part of these programs but would like to take advantage of the offering please contact us today.

  • Access information through your Google Analytics account - You will receive an email from Google Analytics inviting you to view your Analytics account.
  • Monthly reporting will begin after a full month of data is collected. Reporting will come from your Google Analytics custom dashboards that we will setup on your account.
  • Access all lead conversion data through your account - this is the marketing platform that provides your listing tools and website forms for all PMW customers. You can also listen to your recorded calls here.
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