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PMW is NARPM Official Partner for 2017

Naples, FL, May 9, 2017 -- PMW (Property Manager Websites) is proud to announce our official partnership with NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) for 2017. PMW has been a NARPM member since 2009, and for the first time has extended its partnership to the highest level. NARPM is the preeminent organization for property managers, and the property management industry, and PMW is the leading provider of websites for property management companies.

The PMW management team has built and managed companies in the property management industry since 2002, and has won three NARPM National Affiliate of the Year Awards. NARPM represents the local and national interests of its property management members, and provides world class training and support to help them run their businesses more efficiently. NARPM and PMW share the same commitment to helping property managers grow their businesses in the most ethical and efficient manner possible.

Since 2009 PMW has helped its customers add on average 5 new units to their management portfolios each month. They accomplish this through elegant design, solid website structure, and attention to detail in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). PMW customers dominate their markets for search in most markets nationwide. The combination of top performing products and world class customer support makes PMW the favorite website provider for property managers nationwide. As of this press release PMW is developing its 1000th property management website.

PMW supports NARPM through sponsorships at national and state level conferences. While many companies send employees to these tradeshows, PMW always sends members of their management team to all NARPM events. You will also see many of PMW's dedicated employees at events to answer questions and help with customer support. This allows PMW to remain in close contact to the needs and desires of the property management industry.

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