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PMW’s New Website Performance Dashboard for Property Managers

PMW’s New Website Performance Dashboard for Property Managers


Introducing The Most Advanced Website Performance & Marketing Dashboard for Property Managers

Trusted by over 1,500 of the industry’s leading property management companies.

Track Performance That Matters.

Monitor All Your Website and Marketing Performance in ONE Place!

Track and see real-time performance data that’s most important to you!

Get valuable insights into organic and paid website rankings (Google, Bing, Mobile), lead tracking (calls, form leads, website chat), lead conversion, backlink performance, audience insights, user behavior, social media, customer reviews, digital marketing, paid marketing, email campaigns, ROI metrics and much MORE.

The new NestHub website performance dashboard is included for ALL our Premium, Elite, and Market Leader customers!

See Marketing Packages or, for more detailed information about our hosting & marketing packages, please schedule a free consultation with Abi.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Created Automated NestHub Performance Reports in Seconds!

Set Your SEO reporting on auto-pilot! Schedule and customize beautiful, automated performance reports in just a few clicks. Schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or login for real-time performance data.

Get Connected.

Every Important Marketing Channel in One Place!

Connect any digital marketing channel in just a couple of clicks. Choose from Google Analytics, GMB Insights, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and OVER 30 other individual integrations.

See the Real Picture.

Break Down Real-Time Performance Data!

Integrate your website with Google Analytics to show see how your SEO impacts your bottom-line. Add traffic reports and everything else Google Analytics offers. See how your website has generated traffic, leads, and new clients. Filter reports between organic and paid traffic to see your instant ROI.

You’ve Got The Website! Get the Dashboard!

UPGRADE to the best Performance Dashboard for your website.

Video Transcription:

Our PMW team is excited to announce our Brand NEW Website and Digital Marketing Performance Dashboard! Where you will be able to get real time performance data, get valuable insights into your SEO, pay per click, social media, reviews, call tracking, dashboards and even more. So when you log into your reporting dashboard you will be able to see all of this information.

We're going to be rolling this out for all of our upgraded packages for our Premium, Elite and Market Leader clients. And they will have access to be able to review the dashboard, their website leads and conversion, Google My Business insights and so much more.

We wanted to take some time to walk you through this really cool dashboard. On the dashboard screen, you can see that you get a summary of Google My Business insights, the website ranking for Google Local, Google My Business clicks as well as traffic that's coming from Google. Also, get an overview of your SEO and your rankings, how are you changing on Google and the different search terms?

You can dig a little bit further into your analytics and see what is going on with all of your different channels that drive traffic to your website. So how are you performing in organic search? How are you performing with paid search? How is traffic coming to your website from social channels or referrals? With social media? How many likes do you have on Facebook? Where is the traffic coming from? And the same is true for Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

With paid ads how are your Google ads performing for you? How many clicks have you got? How many impressions? How much have you spent on that traffic? And then, even further, how many conversions have you got? What is your cost per conversion, and what is your conversion rate?

When it comes to call tracking, you actually have a summary of all of the calls that you've received as well as the ability to review all of those calls and to actually click to download those call recordings. If you're using any kind of an email marketing system like Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Constant Contact or ActiveCampaign, you can actually link that up in the system as well to be able to track all of that information in one place. You can also track all of your reviews and you'll have access to all of the reports that you receive through this program.

If you have any questions about this new dashboard, how it affects your property management company or how you can roll out any new marketing initiatives, please feel free to reach out to our team. The information is linked below and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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