Deb Newell LOVES the User Experience of PMW sites!

Abi Wasserman

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October 26, 2018

Video Transcription:

Deb Newell here from Real Time Leasing in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I am here to tell you why I love PMW. First, which is going to sound kind of silly, is because they're pretty. Not just the people, but the websites that they produce are pretty. And as a girl I like things to look aesthetically pleasing and that's actually really important. And when you're looking at websites and they look archaic and from 1980 or even 1990, it doesn't make any sense. So I like modern, updated, well-thought-out, user-friendly, the good UI, all of that. So that's really important to me. So that's actually number one, which is really strange, I know.

But the other thing is the people are really great to work with. So if I have an issue or if I have an update, they are there to update my stuff and they do it within hours. They're there to give me advice, if I have any questions or if I have any concerns. If I want to upgrade a page, it's all done seamlessly. And I really like that ability because I'm not that tech savvy, but I like to think I am. So they're a good company. Go for it.

If you need  Minneapolis Property Management contact Deb at:

Real-Time Leasing

1895 Plaza Dr #100, Eagan, MN 55122

(952) 808-9700