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Rental Listing Plugin from PMW

Rental Listing Plugin from PMW

Did you know that usage data is one of the three primary factors that go into the ranking algorithm with Google? The property listings pages are the most trafficked page of any property management website. Prospective tenants spend tons of time, sometimes upwards of 8 minutes per listing, looking through your available properties.

How do I know if I am capitalizing on my traffic?

If you are using any widget or third-party system to display your properties then chances are, you're not getting credit for the listing data or the traffic.

Search engines do not have the ability to crawl the property data or track the usage of most third-party tools. The search engines know that a user is on the page, but they cannot see the content or what the user is doing. A 'homes for rent' page with a widget is seen exactly like that, one page with a widget but no idea what the third party tool contains or if the users are interacting with it.

Watch Dave Borden, CEO of PMW, explain how our Advanced Property Plugin or APP works with a real customer example!

How do I get credit for my property listings?

Advanced Property Plugin or APP to the rescue! APP provides you the ability to hard code or write your listings directly to your property management website.

By utilizing APP, you are creating an entire page per property listing AND getting SEO credit for those pages! You already advertise your available properties, so why not get credit for them?

PMW customers have seen more than twice as many page views site-wide and their average session duration is more than double that of other pages.

Since about 1/3 of Google's search algorithm is Usage Data, having the property listing data accessible to the search engines is rapidly moving customers up search results. It is also solidifying rankings for those with already good search results.  Don't you want to appear higher on Google?

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