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Rental Listing Plugin from PMW

Video Transcription:

Today I want to talk to you about our Advanced Properties plug-in. This is the best thing to happen to SEO for property managers in over 10 years. Fully one-third of the Google search algorithm is usage data. The busiest section on every property manager's website is their properties for rent section. Until recently, no one's ever been able to write your properties directly to your website, but now PMW can do that, and we're the only ones that can. You can't do it on AppFolio, Propertyware, or with anyone who uses WordPress as their content management system.

First, let me show you how it works. On a customer's Homes for Rent section, we directly embed and write the listing to the page. You'll see up here on the top, you have Phoenix Homes for Rent, the listing ID number, and then the exact property address for that property, which is going to help you show up better in online searches for the property address as well. Every time someone looks at a picture or in this case watches a video, and I highly recommend that you embed your videos into your listing to give a plug to our friends at Virtually Incredible, they're going to do a lot of this stuff automatically.

Now, if someone is on this page and watching this video, you're going to get credit for this three minutes and 35 seconds on your website that would normally take place somewhere else.

Also, this map integration is Google mapping, and the number one factor for mapping results in Google My Business is the proximity of the searcher. For property managers, you can only show your office on your results, but if you put a map of all your properties, it shows Google that you're operating in a much wider area, and it gives you a better chance of showing up in those proximity searches.

Then, the customer is going to spend more time reading this description and looking at all the amenities and features, and if you'll notice this right here, here's another item our friends at Virtually Incredible to. This is called Your Google Citation, and by putting this on every one of your property listings, it's going to get it into the distribution.

Another factor in mapping results is how many times that citation gets spread throughout the Internet. If you put that on there automatically, which Virtually Incredible does, it's going to show up on your website, and then when it gets distributed to Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, all the other places that we send it, that citation's going to get created across the Internet. It's going to give you a much better opportunity to be found in the mapping results.

I know that you're not having trouble renting your properties these days because the rental market is pretty good nationwide. However, taking advantage of the usage data is going to increase your overall site's score in the Google algorithm for the usage data portion of it. There's relevance, domain authority, and usage data. This is the single best thing you can do for usage data. I'm going to prove it to you right here.

We have a customer that we moved to the Advanced Properties plug-in around August 24th. I want to show you three areas. We'll take a comparable timeframe from July 24th to August 17th, and we'll apply this. I want you to look at page views, pages per session, you have 41,328 pages per session are 4.08, and session duration is a minute and 35 seconds.

Let's compare the exact same interval with the Advanced Properties plugin installed. We're going to go from August 24th to September 17th. We're going to apply this. This is absolutely incredible. September is a time when the rental market slows down a little bit, so you're not normally going to have as much activity in September as you do in August and July, but look at this. We have 86,864 page views. That's an increase of 110% on total page views site-wide. Remember, all we did is add the Advanced Properties plug-in. It increased the entire score for usage data on the entire website just by adding the Advanced Properties plug-in. Pages per session went from 4.08 to 9.27. That's an increase of 120% pages per session. That is a monster factor for Google. Session duration, now that they're reading all those descriptions, watching your videos, looking at your images, 3 minutes and 35 seconds up 134% on the average session duration. I know that this is kind of geeky and nerdy, but here's what it means to you guys.

For this customer in Phoenix, we added them to the Advanced Properties plug-in in August. They went from nonexistent, second page results for property management terms in Phoenix, a huge and competitive market, to number one on Property Management Phoenix, and they're getting several leads per day and increasing their annual revenue by thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per month. That usage data helps you with your SEO, which helps you get more clients.

Another side factor that we've been able to see is on this search for Richmond Homes for Rent, the customer that I showed you in the analytics is number two on search. I know you're not having trouble renting your properties, but that's not the point. The point is to get all the credit for your usage data. This search term is searched 20 times more than Richmond Property Management, and this customer shows up right after Zillow and before Trulia, HotPads, Craigslist,,, Apartment Living, all these major national brands that spend a ton of money on marketing for this term, and this person is organically there. That is going to make their usage data go through the roof.

The only place you can get this is PMW. It's $99 a month unless you have one of our upgraded packages, and then it's included. If you have any questions, please contact us.

I'm Dave Borden. Thanks for listening.

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