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Use Proper URL Extensions to Make Your Property Management Services Page More Relevant

Tip #6 "How to Grow a Property Management Business Through a Website"

Each property manager website should have a services page that explains the services that they offer to potential investors looking for a property manager in their area.  Many companies that build websites have a standard template for the page that they use to showcase your services (if they build one at all).  Usually it is called something very generic like  The extension is another opportunity for you to show the computer programs called search engines what you do.  Instead of naming it "services.html," a term that noone ever searches for when looking for a property manager, we recommend using a more descript extension.

For example, if you are looking to get found for "San Antonio property management " you should use the following extension  This alerts the search engines that this page is really important for this term, which also happens to be the highest volume search term for people looking to hire a property manager in San Antonio.  This should make perfect sense, but to MOST web developers, it doesn't.  If yours is using something different, consider using a company that understands property management website development.

Add this effective practice to the ones we have already mentioned, and you are well on your way to becoming more relevant than your competition.  

Estimate Search Impact of Naming your URL extensions 4-5% 

See these two customers that have employed this strategy.  They have rankings for their home pages, their landing pages, and their Google + page.  Now this is how you dominate your market...

If you want this kind of search dominance, we can help.  Visit our site to learn more:

Stay tuned for the top 5...

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