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Are You Capitalizing on Your Traffic?

Are You Capitalizing on Your Traffic?

We first wrote this blog almost 2 and a half years ago. Guess what? We’re still talking about it! That is how much of a game-changer our Advanced Property Plugin, or APP, is to the property management industry and the impact the plugin has on your website, more specifically your SEO!

Let’s first talk about APP. It allows you to hardcode your available properties to your website thus giving you 100% of the credit for tenants searching your property listings.

Each property listing is a new page with unique information, pictures, and videos. Think of it like creating a blog post every time you advertise an available property. Listing your available properties is something you HAVE to do anyway, so you may as well get credit for it!

Your property listing pages are the most trafficked pages compared to any other page on your website. This happens due to prospective tenants spending tons of time, sometimes upwards of 8 minutes per listing, looking through your available properties.

Now, you might not care about how much time tenants spend on your website because you are trying to attract more owners, however, it’s a huge deal to Google and their search algorithm. By increasing your time on site, page views, content, SEO, etc, Google’s algorithm recognizes those factors and increases your ranking on Google, thus increasing your chance of being seen by prospective owners over your competitors.

Google crawls your website and sees all of the unique property information and loves all the unique content. The listings will also get more traffic than your blogs, be shared by more users, and are typically updated more frequently as well!

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If you are using any widget or third-party system to display your properties, then chances are, you’re not getting credit for the listing data or even the traffic!

Search engines do not have the ability to crawl the property data or track the usage of most third-party tools. The search engines know that a user is on the page, but they cannot see the content or what the user is doing. A ‘homes for rent’ page with a widget is seen exactly like that, one page with a widget but no idea what the third-party tool contains or if the users are interacting with it.

If you are using any other plugin or widget from Appfolio, Propertyware, or any WordPress site, your property data is not accessible by Google. That even goes for our current customers who are on the standard properties widget.

PMW customers, on average, are seeing twice as many pageviews, site-wide, and increasing their average session duration to more than double what it used to be before adding APP to their website.

We can say how great the APP is, but why don’t we show you the numbers instead? Check out our APP Guide on how our customers are benefiting from APP here!

The advanced properties plug-in is an additional $99/month but is included in any of our upgraded packages.

Boost your SEO with your property listings!

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