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SEO for Property Managers a 15 Part Series

At PMW we receive daily questions about SEO and how to get websites ranked for organic search. This series shows exactly what our most successful companies do to achieve their rankings.

Successful SEO for a property management company can be the number one source of new growth for the company. A dominant company will receive as many as 100 new property management leads per month in big cities. Depending on the reputation of the company and the lead handling process, as high as 80% of those can be converted into new property management accounts. Only a few property management companies can appear in the SERPS, (Search Engine Results Page) and those that do will get the vast majority of the new business in a particular market.

Business growth at a fantastic ROI is the most obvious of the benefits of dominating search in a market, but there are several others. Companies with top search results receive consistent and free branding in searches for property management. Dominant companies also own a valuable asset (Their property management website) that will continue to add new accounts as long the company maintains the search results. The website will be an additional source of cash in the event of a sale of the property management company. Typically a property management company will sell its accounts for about 1 year of revenue. A dominant web asset can fetch a sales price of 5-10 times revenue or more depending on the buyer. Companies with top rankings can refer unwanted business to other property managers and receive referral fees. Last but not least, those with top rankings are seen as industry experts by their peers, and those seeking property management consulting and advice will contact companies atop the search results.

Deriving leads and traffic from organic search results might be free, but the effort to get those rankings can vary wildly depending on the market. In some non-competitive markets search engine rankings are easy to obtain. In other markets only the largest, best run companies will be able to compete for rankings. This series will address a generic strategy to compete for organic search rankings in every city, and will follow a logical progression for those in more competitive markets.

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