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SEO for Property Managers - Part 11 Google +

Create a great Google + page - As mentioned earlier, this SEO process is progressive. Now that the property management company has built a great website, it is time to setup the company Google+ profile. While this is an off-site effort, it is the single greatest way to get free business. Google+ has replaced the yellow pages and every property management company needs to be listed there. Google+ is the best place for the company to collect and display reviews, content, and news because Google gives Google+ content an unfair amount of credit in its algorithm.

Make sure to use photos and branding to exactly match the company website when setting up Google+ or any other social media. Fill out all sections properly, and completely. The better job a company does building its profile, the higher it will appear in local results. Max out pictures and video, enter office hours, address and phone info. PM companies should make sure that they select a radius or cities that they operate in to expand the reach of the company listing.

After building a great website and creating a Google+ page, give the site about 30-60 days to see where it will end up in search results without conducting any off-site efforts. If the company is using a brand new URL it will not appear in the results for at least a year. This is called sand-boxing, and all new companies are subject to Google’s sandbox. It is possible to shorten the sand-box period by completing the rest of the progression of this SEO strategy, but every new company should have a realistic expectation about obtaining search results.

If the company has successfully completed all of the above steps and the property management website is ranking in a position to achieve the company’s sales goals the remaining steps are not necessary at this time. Keep a close eye on the results of the site and of competitor’s sites to see if the additional efforts are required. For those companies not ranking in a competitive spot, it is time to complete the next portion of the process.

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