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SEO for Property Managers - Part 14 Content Marketing

Content Marketing – Content marketing is the final step in the progression. A successful content marketing strategy will improve the company property management website standing in almost every important element of search algorithms. Successfully creating and sharing interesting content to users accomplishes the following critical SEO tasks: Link building. Great content usually gets shared and re-posted by others in the industry. This creates back links from other websites to the company site and increases site authority. Usage Data. More quality content increases the number of page views, time on site, and overall interaction with all aspects of the website. Search engines love site interaction, and will reward great sites with higher search rankings. Authority. Great and consistent content creation increases the authority of the site and gives visitors more opportunities to share the content. If the content is good enough, other websites will re-post it and create links to the company site. In addition to enhancing all of the company’s search efforts, creating quality content on a consistent basis will also make the company the de facto property management authority in the market. As the market authority, more and bigger business opportunities will naturally present themselves.

A successful content marketing effort contains the following elements: Quality, consistency, attention to detail. Quality. The target of this campaign will be investors in rental property that don’t currently have a property manager. This target user has a plethora of questions and problems when trying to manage their own properties. This person has also chosen not to hire the property management community because they are too expensive, they have a bad reputation, or they are unaware of the industry. Most of them will devour the content on the blog and NOT hire the company. This is ok, as a certain percentage of them will hire the company. Those that don’t will help the website attain better rankings by viewing many pages, watching the videos and spending time on the site. So even if they don’t hire the company to manage their properties they are helping it, and the company is helping them. The goal of content creation is to get others to interact with, share, and re-post it. The content has to be about topics and issues that are interesting to your target customer, in this case, an investor in rental property. The content has to be the best available for the particular topic. Writing uninteresting content is a complete waste of everyone’s time. Topics of content should focus on helping investors with property management tasks that cause a lot of pain for investors. Helping them alleviate pain on a consistent basis might lead them to eventually hire the company instead of doing it themselves. Do not sell to anyone in the content creation strategy. Content should address common pain points, and the users will infer that company manages property. Do not actively solicit business in a content marketing strategy. It is ok to mention that the company does property management in the market in a subtle way, but do not ask for business in the content.

Be consistent. Pick a schedule and stick to it. A sporadic campaign will not be successful. A consistent campaign will create anticipation for the next post, and delivering it on time will make the company’s followers happy. The amount and frequency of posts depends on the competitors in the market. PM’s should post new content as least once per month.

Attention to detail. Each post should contain the following elements: Great content, a title that is appropriate to the article, an embedded Youtube video properly tagged, original graphics or photography properly tagged, one anchor text link to the company’s property management services page, date created, social media share buttons, and a byline (Author). Remember that the purpose of creating great content is to increase search engine rankings and to get more business. A properly created post, when shared, will provide search bump that the company is seeking.

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