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SEO for Property Managers - Part 3 Keyword Identification


Luckily for property managers this step is pretty short. In 99% of markets there are 5 keywords to optimize for on the property management side, and about 3 on the home rental site. Property managers can compete for homes for rent terms to help with tenant acquisition, but much of this traffic goes to dominant national players like Zillow and craigslist. Property managers that want to grow their businesses are best served focusing on management account acquisition, and marketing their vacancies with the bigger companies for free.

While it might vary slightly in some markets, optimize for the following terms for management account acquisition:

Property Management

Property Managers

Property Management Companies

Property Management (in)

Property Managers (in)

Depending on the market this basket of terms will capture 95+% of the traffic for investors looking to hire property managers. It is always a good exercise to add the state and its two letter identifier in the tags and content to make sure that the search engines can determine the correct city in the event of two cities in different states like Portland, OR and Portland, ME.

Again, it is going to be difficult, but not impossible to compete with large national rental advertisers like Zillow, Trulia, craigslist,,, etc. for rental terms. Many companies attain rankings for these terms which creates a great benefit in terms traffic and usage data for the company site. Usually companies able to obtain these rankings are large local companies with more than 100 vacancies at any given time. Since property managers need to create a listing section anyway, it is a good idea to optimize for the following terms:

Homes for Rent

Rental Homes

Houses for Rent


And if you manage apartments:


Property management companies optimizing for these terms will make their property management websites relevant for these searches and set the stage for success with the rest of their SEO efforts.

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