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Why Add More Pages to Your Website

Why Add More Pages to Your Website

From marketing your property management services in specific cities to sharing your pricing or even providing a library video, custom landing pages are a great way to help you achieve your marketing initiatives.

There are many different reasons behind adding additional landing pages to your website, check out the examples below for our most popular additions.

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Resident Benefits

As a property manager, you are always looking to find quality tenants for your rentals. On the flip side, tenants are also looking for a quality property manager as well. Having a Resident’s Benefits page can show your potential tenants why they should rent from you versus your competitors. It also is a great way to add additional content to your site to help with your SEO through a well-structured custom page. Check out an example here.

Video Library

Adding a video library page is an awesome way to improve one of the items that Google looks at when deciding to rank you in their search engine - Time On-Site. A video library page can be a great tool to keep users on your site as they go from video to video educating themselves. These educational videos can be anything ranging from frequently asked questions to steps on how to self-manage a property, maintenance tips, and more! Check out this example.

Owner Guarantees

When looking for a property manager, potential owners want to know they are protected. Your website is a means of promoting your business by displaying not only the services you offer but also showing them what truly sets you apart from other local property management companies. Do you offer any type of Pet Guarantee, Happiness Guarantee, or Tenant Placement Guarantee? If so, let them know! By showing them the guarantees you offer, this could be the nudge that these property investors need to give you a call and find out more! Check out an example of an Owner Guarantees page here.

Pricing Page

Nowadays, everyone wants information at the tip of their fingers. Adding a pricing page to your website allows potential owners visiting your site to have that option. Showing them the different packages you offer and pricing for various services will make their user experience much more seamless. This is one step closer to them collecting the information they need to give you a call and sign up as a new owner today! Check out this example of a pricing landing page.

Custom About Page

Did you know that the About page is one of the most visited pages on your website? Owners and tenants alike want to learn more about you, your staff, & the history of your business. Impress potential owners and tenants by adding a custom about page that is tailored to fit your content, videos, team photos, etc. relating to your business. Find an example of a custom about page here.

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Interested in Additional Website Pages

New pages can be added to your website at any time. Pricing varies based on your current website page count. Please contact Customer Support at to discuss your add-on page options.

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