Advanced Properties Plugin

Jonathan Ewen - October 5, 2018

We are always searching for new ways to help you grow your business. We have developed a big one! Our Advanced Properties Plugin is the best addition to the property management industry in 10 years. We are now the only website provider in the world that can add your rental properties dire ... Read More

Google Ads Call Recording

Jonathan Ewen - October 5, 2018

Google Ads Battling Fraud Through Call Recording You may have gotten the below email from google if your Google Ads account uses call extensions or call-only ads. Consumers still face a number of challenges when it comes to connecting with businesses over the phone. Fraud is a growing issue, ... Read More

Rental Listing Plugin from PMW

David Borden - October 8, 2018

Video Transcription:Today I want to talk to you about our Advanced Properties plug-in. This is the best thing to happen to SEO for property managers in over 10 years. Fully one-third of the Google search algorithm is usage data. The busiest section on every property manager's website is their proper ... Read More

Michael Krause shares why using PMW is so SMOOTH!

Abi Wasserman - October 16, 2018

Video Transcription:Hello. This is Mike Krause from Atrium Management Company from Orlando, Florida. I am the 2019 NARPM President for the Central Florida chapter, the largest chapter in America. And we just recently had a new website designed by PMW. We had two websites done, our regular singl ... Read More

Why Shawn *Freaking* Johnson Loves PMW

David Borden - October 16, 2018

Video Transcription:Hi. I'm Shawn Johnson with Independence Capital Property Management. We've been users of Property Manager Websites for about five years now, and we're also part of their Advanced Marketing Program that they put on. We're very happy with it. It's been a huge tool for us. There's t ... Read More

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