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Renew Your Website URL for 10 Years for More Search Power

Tip #9 "How to Grow a Property Management Business Through a Website"

Search engine algorithms are computer programs. One of the many factors that search engines look for in deciding which websites to show for a given search term is the length of time the URL is registered for. The longer your URL is registered for, the more points you receive in a search engine’s algorithm.

Search engines look at longer registrations as a bigger commitment to the business than those only registered for a few months. We recommend registering your domain for at least 5 years to get full credit with most search algorithms.

Also, still very important in search algorithms is an exact match domain. While the importance of this item has dropped significantly over the years, it still makes up a large percentage of the search puzzle. In property management where 5 or 6 terms make up the vast majority of the search volume for a particular market, it is worth considering an exact match domain. An exact match domain is one that contains a search term that you are looking to compete for in the URL. For example: While most exact match .com’s are not available, a company can still get good results by picking up the less popular extensions like .me, or .us.

These are only 2 more factors in the puzzle, but doing both correctly will elevate a company’s relevance in search.

Estimated search impact 5 year registration: 1-2%

Estimated search impact exact match domain: 8-10%

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