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SEO for Property Managers - Part 8 Building Great Property Management Services Pages

How to Build Great Property Management Services Pages

These are a company’s most important pages if the business wishes to attract new customers. The services page should communicate the value of hiring the business in detail, and make it very clear to search engines that this is the page the company wants in the search results. The most effective companies can successfully achieve multiple rankings on the front page with proper execution (Home page, services page, Google + listing). Great service pages contain the following elements: Great Content, original photography, video, web forms, appropriate meta tagging. The content on your services pages should inspire investors to hire the company to manage their properties. This content should be at least 1500 words. That is 2.5 single spaced pages. This number is the critical number to compete for competitive key words. The content should flow smoothly for humans and include a few mentions (No more than 3-4) of the search terms the company is optimizing for with the body. Tagging the content into clickable expanders is an acceptable method of reducing the length of the page.

Google no longer gives any credit for stock photography, or photography already in use on other sites. This presents an interesting challenge, and a great opportunity. The company needs to take original photos, or have a photographer take the photos and provide exclusive use rights to the company to get SEO credit for the photos.

Services pages are a great place to display a video about what the company does for their clients. This video should be different than the generic home page video. Keep the video short, but make sure it covers the key benefits of hiring the company. Load the video on Youtube and property optimize if for search (More on this later), and integrate it into the body of the content. Effective use of video increases all usage data.

An overwhelming majority (90%) of property management websites do not have submission forms on their property management services pages. A properly placed submission form (on the right side and above the fold) will increase the conversion rate of the page by over 300%.

Meta Tagging for Services Pages – The title tags should contain search terms from the basket of 5 terms discussed earlier: “Atlanta Property Management, Atlanta Property Managers | Company Name”. The Meta Description should also contain these search terms in the text, but should be considerably different from the home page description.

A best practice to consider for smaller companies that might not be able to compete at the top market level, or for larger companies looking to expand their reach is to build additional city specific market landing pages. In cities like Denver about half of the search terms use “Denver” as the market identifier. The rest are a combination of all of the smaller markets that make up the Denver metro area like “Englewood,” “Littleton,” “Aurora,” etc. By optimizing landing pages for these smaller markets, companies can be dominant for a smaller volume of search terms, but still achieve their growth goals by focusing on a smaller section of a bigger market. It is highly recommended that a company build separate landing pages for each smaller market where they wish to compete. If there is high enough search volume for a specific neighborhood or county, it is also worth building a separate land page for those areas. Make sure these landing pages are significantly different from each other, and don’t launch more than five of them per month.

Here is an example of my favorite customer testimonial video... It is from Blackbird Realty, a Las Vegas Property Management Company.

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